Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Pirate's Life For Me

Joined Shadow Cartel

So why did I leave Black Legion for Shadow Cartel? Far from any possible dramatic scenario, it's a rather simple explanation.

1) I don't have the RL time to stay up for US TZ ops anymore
2) I hate Tidi
3) Don't particularly enjoy the current meta of null
4) Needed a fresh change to a more relaxed alliance

So why Shadow?

1) Stronger EU presence
2) Much more relaxed and appreciative of the people involved
3) Lowsec > nullsec
4) Smaller gangs

So far, I am really enjoying this place, long may it continue.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

EVE Dreams: Installment 1

EVE IS REAL: Playing Video Games Before Sleeping Is Bad Mkay

Watching TV or playing video games tends to leave deep visual impressions on the mind which surface when we sleep and our imaginations fire up. It is hardly surprising that EVE players, particularly the kind who stay up for Ops well past their "usual" bed time, experience some highly amusing EVE dreams.

My colleague had some particularly excitable episodes where he would shout to his girlfriend for "LOGIS ANCHOR UP!" and for "REPS ON MAX!". I admit I have had one instance where I called for "Fleet jump jump," much to the amusement of other people.

As they come along or other people share their dreams with me, I will publish installments of EVE Dreams. I have two for today. Perhaps if anyone reading this is a psychoanalyst they can do the honours of interpreting our screwed up psychoses.

The Galleon: Moros With 6 Guns

I dreamt that a team I was in had won an EVE PVP tournament but in the final battle I was the only player left. I wasted the last three ships and won the tournament. My prize was to assist CCP in the design of two new ships, one a Blood Raider style flagship of doom but the other was a golden plated Moros that had 6 gunslots.

Said Moros was classed as The Galleon and gifted to me. Additionally it had the role bonus of 50% reduced siege time and strontium clathrate consumption.

I lost The Galleon after undocking it into a surprise station camp. Client lagged and in those crucial seconds, artillery fit Naglfars instavolleyed my ship.

The Avatar While Playing EVE in the Real World

I have never really aspired to be a titan pilot or owner of the ship itself but perhaps deep in my brain is a subdued desire to have a titan and be able to hotdrop on hapless victims at will and experience the butt-clenching tension of flying a titan in a combat situation.

I dreamt that EVE was a game played in the real world. I owned an Avatar but had no POS to store it. I kept my Avatar cloaked in a variety of locations ranging from the Himalayas to rainforests and finally in the sea. Each time I was pursued by a Raven which would fire cruise missiles randomly. Each time I would move the titan. Finally, in the ocean I was confronted by two boys as I stood on the beach (in such an instance of EVE IS REAL game, the player controls his ship by looking at it). They saw me looking into the ocean and remarked that they knew my Avatar was cloaked in the waters and they would find it. And so both of them used their Ravens began firing missiles to locate me.

I warped the Avatar into my locker where I had prepared a mini POS, just a simple shield with some Dickstar ECM batteries. However due to the size of the Avatar, the locker door would not close. Forcing it shut and padlocking it, I went away. When I returned, it was wide open, POS and Avatar both heisted.


- Deep hatred of carebears exemplified in the Raven
- Deep emotional scars from using cloaky ships
- Fear of slow and unmanouvrable ships such as the titan
- Desire for glory in combat
- Desire for shiny dreadnoughts
- Fear of POSes
- Frustration with client lag
- Arty Nags?

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Photojournal of Black Legion

Photos of an Internet Spreadsheet Game Over 6 Months

I have been collecting shitty pictures of BL fleets since I joined. Here is a selection with some of my favourite moments captured in video at the bottom - courtesy of BL's cameramen.

(this one isn't mine)

Black Legion and Razor: BLAZOR

How To Lose Supers


(the link below this video is much better)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thoughts On Recent Events

Supers, Dreads and DTF

I would like to share a few thoughts on recent events: the loss of supercaps, dreads and the DTF coalition.

First, the loss of supercaps has diminished our capabilities to aid our Russian brothers - we wanted to deploy our supers alongside SOLAR in some possibly apocalyptic supercapital battle. They did not get the viking death they deserved. Ah well, we hardly used our supers, we needed them, we lost them but it has not affected our subcap or capital fleets at all.

Second, losing our snipers dreads during the KW-I6T has again diminished our overall capability with dreads but we still retain critical mass to blap things with our Crystal Fleet. The loss of 30 dreads hurts but they were ALL dread alts. Afterall our mains were in the maelstrom fleet. A closer analysis of those characters would have revealed that.

Some thoughts on recent comments on how "BL lost all those fleets so must be downgrading", I fail to understand how people can think we are running out of fleets to use and fleet ships in our hangars. Income remains the same so we are replacing losses. We chose the right tools for the job and we retain the ability to escalate. We do stock multiple fleet ships... Just saying.

Third, our SOLAR bros have proven to be true friends. In a game that promotes a dark realist political narrative because of the recklessly destructive players it has, friendship on a macro scale between alliances  - two distinct demographics - is rare. We often have remarked that SOLAR and BL share certain mentalities and fighting styles, but we have so far fought in seperate fleets with seperate fleet comps. On the other hand, and blast me for heresy, RZR shares fleet comps with us and make practical choices to combined fleets. We had some successes recently with RZR dudes in our fleets - particularly alpha Maelstroms.

Now to the question whether DTF will be successful in its goals of invading N3 land and kicking them out. We hold subcap combat effectiveness, although we have taken some serious losses against the drone fleet comps, our mixture of fleet comps (the Russians with caldari based fleets, BL with minmatar alpha fleets) has proven to be effective on field. I cannot say that I particularly like those ABing Railgus that the Ruskies use but they seem to hold field quite well. On the capital and super front, PL and N3 do hold the upperhand with their slowcat fleet - a rather terrifying blob - and a supercarrier escalation force to back it up. It makes it rather hard, therefore, to react to it with the natural hard counter of dreads. I get the impression that rather than attempting to break this wall of capital might in one final battle it may play down to careful strategems.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Plea for Halp and Information

Chronicling Major Fleet Comps

I have bitten off more than I can chew. I require halp! (Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope...)

I am trying to chronicle all the major fleet comps used by lowsec and/or nullsec entities. Help would be appreciated.

If you are reading this message, please hop onto the thread and see if there's anything I have missed out or indeed, anything you do not recognise!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Star Citizen: Hangar Module

A Curious Feet Dipping Excursion Into Star Citizen

About Star Citizen:

I'm not a veteran backer of Star Citizen - just donated a little bit for alpha and beta access to keep tabs on whether this game will indeed be the apocalypse of sci-fi games.

Part of their development and publicity timeline is the release of the Hangar Module - a pre-alpha build of the game where donors can load and "play" Star Citizen, walking around their hangar and ship. I have this build and the following are my thoughts.

- Imagine if the Captain's Quarters were actually rendered in stunning detail, although the whole undock, refit ship etc process may be a bit slow, the immersion factor of this is gorgeous. I do hope they have a quick access point where we can launch, refit, and check weapons from one point (much like the current Ship Hangar view in station in EVE).

- You can sleep on your spaceship, there are little bunkbed tubes. Sorry, not enough space for two so no private sex parties with your First Mate.

- Actual animations for clambering into the cockpit and full visible body and controls. I wonder what happens if someone were to sit in the seat before you in a multi-passenger vehicle... "DUDE GET THE FUCK OFF THE CONTROLS."

- Can confirm the station door is locked.

- This hangar only has one ship, the more ships the larger the space. You can sprint around the hangar - some real immersion factor going on there when the Scramble alarm starts going off.

PS: I was running the client in High graphics settings. Very High was murdering my computer.

The starting ship apparently

Fitting Services

The door to the ship

Internet spaceship controls

No space for two. Sorry, hun, you're sleeping below in the other bunk.

Locked station door.

The very image of the new capsuleer?

Friday, 20 September 2013

Clarifying the Drone Assist Exploit and Doomportals

Is the Doomportal an exploit and why is the drone assist exploit an exploit?

First, the drone assist exploit was recently condemned by CCP and anyone further using it will be banned. So what is it? It was used by Nulli in a sentry drone fleet who deployed drones outside a POS shield and then retreated inside. Black Legion fleet welped onto it as a result.

It is an exploit because of this simple rule, the fleet was able to apply damage without taking any damage themselves (not due to ECM or EWAR but the simple fact, as they were inside a POS shield they were unlockable by inherent mechanics).

I've seen some Nulli smacktalk claim that this is no different to the Doomportal. The Doomportal is when a fleet of bombers is cynoed onto a target at 0, usually in the midst of the enemy. As a fleet has 60 second invulnerability after cynoing, the bomber fleet will launch bombs in order of squads and then move to anchor up and activate hardeners/ECM bursts. The bombs are launched at speed but have no direction, so the bombs are merely dropped at the feet of the bombers. The bombers are lockable when they fire bombs - previous iterations of this doctrine had the bombers launch bombs and still be invulnerable/unlockable.

We have taken losses (quite a lot) when we have used Doomportals but the Nulli fleet took none (because, surprise surprise, they couldn't be harmed). I think that's pretty much in the territory of an exploit - at least CCP thinks so too.

Nulli, stop smacktalking and come outside the station to fight.

EDIT: Oh and another thing, once a bomber is destroyed, any bomb it has launched does 0 damage.